September 23, 2016 · spam skrill money

Why you should never use your primary email address with Skrill

A story about Skrill casino related spam

Recently I created an account on Skrill (ex Moneybookers) to receive payments directly to my credit card.
Just a common thing, I thought. How wrong I was...

The next morning after registration I was really surprised.

I saw about 2 thousands delivery-error messages from different SMTP servers. All messages has a "return-path" to my domain email address ( and was send from many different servers. What the hell?

Also I saw a lot of spam messages to my email address which I used to register Skrill account (that email was also used a while on cloudflare). Those emails has my first and second names, and my second name was set on Skrill account only.

There are some subjects from that spam messages:

I googled about that, and found a lot of posts like this. That post dated 2011, so after 5 years Skrill still will sold your email address to spamers.

I dunno what else to say. Besides that Skrill is a piece of sh*t. Good company, especially finance will never give any of your information to spamers.

If you still decide to use Skrill - use public email service, never use your own domain-based email otherwise you may have a real trouble with spam.

Take care.

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